Contracts that write themselves.

Bespoke contracts without expensive lawyers' fees. Treescribe encodes legal decision-making so you can get highly customised documents for free.

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Superior customisation for bespoke docs that fit your deal.

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Superior customisation

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Treescribe templates contain millions of possible contracts to fit your circumstances perfectly.

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Treescribe is NOT another "fill in the blanks" contract creator that creates risk for your business.

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Build bespoke documents fast

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Treescribe’s super-customisation is automated with logic, programmed by lawyers into decision trees.

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Answer a few easy questions about your situation and 90% of the document is completed for you.

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You get a high quality document in 5 minutes.

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Deal information that matters

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Treescribe automates decisions using deal features that real lawyers actually use when drafting.

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The most important of these is the bargaining strength of the parties.

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Automating legal decision making like this makes Treescribe the best lawyer simulation in the world.

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Easy to customise further

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If you change an automated decision, Treescribe makes it easy to select a different option.

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Using our guidance, choose the new option that works best for you, and Treescribe fills in the legal text.

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Treescribe decision tree

Click the tree below to explore the way that we structure our decision trees to create your contracts.


Free legal documents

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  • Consulting Agreement

    An agreement for the provision of consulting services.

    Digital Marketing Agreement

    A flexible agreement suitable for any kind of service provided by a business or freelancer.

    Freelance Agreement

    A flexible agreement suitable for any kind of service provided by a freelancer.

    Hosting Agreement

    Terms and conditions for hosting services.

    Interface Use Terms

    Terms and conditions for a website or a mobile device app.

    Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement

    A non-disclosure agreement where both sides have to keep secrets.

    One Way Non-Disclosure Agreement

    An non-disclosure agreement requiring one side to keep secrets

    Privacy Notification Statement

    Privacy Policy

    A Privacy Policy satisfying the requirements of Australian privacy law

    SaaS Agreement

    A set of terms and conditions to use with software as a service products.

    Service Level Agreement

    A Service Level Agreement suitable for governing an existing Agreement

    Simple Services Agreement

    A flexible agreement suitable for any kind of service provided by a business or freelancer.

    Software Development Agreement

    A set of terms and conditions to use when providing software development services

    Software Licence

    A simple software licence or EULA

    Support and Maintenance

    Terms and conditions for providing IT support and maintenance services

    You’re never alone on Treescribe - a lawyer can usually finish your document in minutes

    Real Time Docs is when lawyer and client both view a document online and work through it together in real time. This allows lawyers to create a highly customised document that they can sign off on incredibly quickly and cost effectively.